On target, the ColorChecker SG card

X-rite ColorChecker SG cardBefore, during and after digitisation of books, manuscripts and objects, we use various targets as a reference for color correction, color calibration and control of the final output.

The target we use for general color calibration is the X-Rite ColorChecker SG card with 140 different color patches. Other targets are also used in the Imaging Lab, such as the Universal Test Target or the Golden Thread Object Level Target.

After capture and processing (Capture One, linear response, no color correction), the X-Rite ColorChecker SG card is imported into BasicColor Input for the creation of a dedicated ICC profile, specific to the setup used for capture. This profile forms the base for the internal color processing. Towards the final output, a Tif-file as archival copy, more common colorspaces are used, such as AdobeRGB or eciRGB.

X-rite ColorChecker SG card

X-rite ColorChecker SG card

To benchmark the quality of the color reproduction you can use an online tool, called delt.ae. When uploading an image, the target will be automatically identified and analyzed, based on international standards such as Metamorfoze or FADGI. After analysis immediate feedback is given wether or not the target the color is compliant to the Metamorfoze standard. In this case only the color accuracy is measured, for spatial accuracy other targets are used.

Delt.ae analysis and info

Detailed info on individual patch level is provided.

Delt.ae feedback


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