Through the lens: Very Good versus Excellent

MBB 0618 Breviarium Mayer van den Bergh

Mayer van den Bergh Breviary, MBB 0618, Folio 2R

Each manuscript reacts differently during photography. As a result, the first question to ask when starting the digitisation of manuscripts is which setup to use. For the digitisation of the of the famous Mayer van den Bergh Breviary, we compared the results of two lens and camera systems, Continue reading


The 8th century Codex Eyckensis digitised and made available online

Codex Eyckensis

Codex Eyckensis A

In close collaboration with Prof. Lieve Watteeuw (Illuminare – Centre for the Study of Medieval Art), the Imaging Lab meticulously digitised the Codex Eyckensis. The codex is the oldest preserved “book” produced in the Low Countries, the wider area encompassing contemporary Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The Codex can now be accessed online through LIBIS. Continue reading