What we do

The University Library Digitisation Department carries out its activities both structurally and on a project-lead basis. Focus is high-end digitisation of (mostly, but not exclusively) documentary heritage.


Digitising the Mayer van den Bergh Breviary on the Conservation Copy Stand

Currently, we participate in the development of a long-term University Library digitisation program. In collaboration with all KU Leuven collection curators and all stakeholders, we set out a digitisation pathway for the next few years and beyond.

Together with the curators and our main partners UBD Metadata and LIBIS, we design, coordinate and deliver digitisation projects in order to answer certain collection needs or specific user requests with a wider relevance. We provide services to collection holders, researchers and students, and external (virtual and real-life) visitors.

External heritage institutions too contact the Imaging Lab for the digitisation of their collections. Recent projects include the digitisation of the Codex Eyckensis (the oldest manuscript Bible in the Low Countries from the 8th century; St Catherine’s Church, Maaseik), and the manuscript collection of the Mayer van den Bergh Museum (Antwerp), including the dazzling Mayer van den Bergh Breviary.

All projects generally, but not necessarily, entail the full digitisation process and a start-to-finish project management. Every step in the process is designed according to the  digitisation requirements and finalities as laid out by the customer, for example the level of metadata, the type of imaging infrastructure and output, and the publishing modes.


Digitisation workflow

Current projects

Most significant past projects