Department of Digitisation

The University Library Digitisation Department, (KU Leuven) supports and encourages research, education and heritage science at the University of Leuven, based on its expertise in imaging, project management, and copyright.

We coordinate the various digitisation projects and act as liaison between the different stakeholders, e.g. library collections, Metadata Department, LIBIS and researchers. The Metadata Department and LIBIS are our main partners. We offer a start-to-finish project management service. Together with our partners, we work on solutions for a broad range of applications and questions on digitisation, ranging from specific imaging solutions over text accessibility to digitisation workflows.

The Digitisation Department actively contributes to policy development with regards to digitisation at the University Library. We participate in strategy building by facilitating and participating in discussions on topics such as open access to public domain collections and digitised collection dissemination.

Imaging Lab

The Imaging Lab is a joint effort of the University Library Digitisation Department and CS Digital, Faculty of Arts. It specialises in digitisation and imaging of (documentary) heritage, with a strong focus on quality and innovation. The Lab offers an integrated service, including high-quality digitisation as well as research in imaging techniques. It performs large-scale digitisation projects at a local, national or international level and is open to external collaborations or digitisation requests.

Located in the landmark building of the KU Leuven, the University Library, the Lab is specifically adapted towards high-end digitisation and imaging projects, with particular attention to working with fragile materials. The different sets make it possible to choose the appropriate infrastructure depending on the nature and the state of the material. Part of this infrastructure can also be used on location. International standards on image quality assessment such as Metamorfoze are implemented.

The Lab also takes part in technical imaging projects in the field of Multi-Light Imaging and Multi-spectral Imaging, in close collaboration with research communities in humanities and engineering (amongst others, Illuminare, ESAT and Book Heritage Lab). These projects, structured around innovative imaging, for example the RICH project or multi-spectral photography ensure the continued development of highly innovative infrastructure for the Laboratory.


The Digitisation Department and Imaging Lab provide services to and collaborate with other heritage and research institutions. We offer, amongst others, high-end digitisation or technical imaging for conservation and research purposes or participate in publishing platforms or study groups related to any topic related to the digitisation of cultural heritage objects or digital humanities (e.g. Annotated Books Online).


We welcome any digitisation-related questions on digitalisering@bib.kuleuven.be.


Bruno Vandermeulen, Mark Verbrugge, Nele Gabriels, Frederic Van Cutsem, Erika Scheltens, Hendrik Hameeuw


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