What we do

The University Library Digitisation Department actively seeks to contribute to the broad field of digitisation with regards to imaging, accessibility, and policy-related subjects. Field of expertise is the digitisation of (mostly, but not exclusively, documentary) heritage objects.


RICH project Multispectral Light Dome at work, Getty Center.

For R&D activities related to the development of innovative techniques and infrastructures for imaging, the University Library and CS Digital, Faculty of Arts, join forces in the Imaging Lab. Over the past few years, the Digitisation Department and the Imaging Lab were leading partner in several projects.

Working together with our partners Metadata Department and LIBIS as well as with research communities in humanities and engineering (e.g., Illuminare, ESAT and Book Heritage Lab), we set up and participate in R&D projects in the field of technical imaging or technical infrastructure development, testing and implementation (e.g., Optical Character Recognition).

All policy-related and R&D activities may be followed on this blog and on Twitter.

Current projects

Past projects

  • EuropeanaPhotography (digitisation and development of Imaging Guidelines)
  • Succeed (testing of innovative OCR tools)
  • RICH (infrastructure development; Reflectance Imaging for Cultural Heritage)

Technical imaging services

The Imaging Lab delivered technical imaging services to the following institutions: